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Jan 25, 2008, 03:36 AM
Can someone help???

I just bought an emac for my kids to use (1ghz and osx 10.4 ). I currently have airport express for an ibook and am looking at getting the emac on my wireless network.

the emac does not have a wireless card. do I need an airport card, or airport extreme...or would a wirless usb suffice... i am just not sure where to start

thanks for any help

Jan 25, 2008, 03:43 AM
From Apple discussions:

If your eMac is the ATI Graphics model it takes an Airport Extreme card not the original AirPort card.


Furthermore, per this Apple page (http://support.apple.com/specs/emac/), the 1GHz model should support Airport Extreme. Only the first revision, 700MHz option, uses the older standard.

Jan 25, 2008, 07:09 AM
Bah, just get a USB wireless card, cheaper and you can use it in different systems without messing with hardware. NTM it'll probably b compatible with PC's.

Jan 25, 2008, 04:08 PM
what would you recommend in the usb arena. I dont want to be mucking around with something that may not work. I heard some dont work with mac and also different versions of osx and also issues with updating osx ?

your thoughts