View Full Version : MacBook Air First Look Store Review

Feb 1, 2008, 12:12 PM
The Apple Store in King of Prussia, PA had one Air out (and one in the window) and none for sale (they said hopefully Saturday). The model was a 1.8 GHz with the 64 GB solid-state drive ($3000). Here is my initial review:

Closed it was solid, open it felt like it could cut my hand! It was much more responsive than I had expected and certainly powerful enough for move applications (except video editing) The LED screen was wonderful. The backlit keyboard was very nice and responsive. I am not concerned with the external Superdrive or lack of Ethernet. If money was not an issue I would buy one today. For the money I think I would get more value out of the MacBook. The fact that it is thin is not a big enough driver for me.

P.S. Although the 1.6 GHz model is only $1700 it is slower with only an 80 GB 4500 RPM HD.