View Full Version : TiBook display issues

Feb 2, 2008, 07:28 PM
I think I have this problem figured out but I want somebody else's opinion.

Ok, so I have this TiBook that has been running great since I bought it 6 years ago. Currently it's running tiger. If you want the stats, just look at my sig.

This is kinda hard to explain so hang with me. Every once in a while, a few like appear on the display. Then the screen segments in-between those line start to move erratically about the screen. It's like the display is breaking up. If I let it go for a while, the screen segments that are moving get smaller and smaller until they are just individual lines and the display become completely unreadable. It will just keep going until I shake the display back and forth. Then it just seems to stop and it will be ok for 2 or so hours. Then it will start to act up again.

I've conformed that it has nothing to do with the operating system because I took a screen shot of it while it was going on and the screen shot showed my normal screen.

I think it must be something to do with the wiring that goes to the display. Why else would it stop when I shake the screen? Does anybody else have any suggestion of what I should do or what it is?