View Full Version : Help me Price my Custom Powermac G5!

Feb 4, 2008, 03:39 PM
I am in the process of upgrading my machine to a Mac Pro, which is another way of saying I'm waiting for the 8800GT Mac Pro to ship, but I'm already starting to think about selling my old Power Mac.

What do you all think is the fair market value for the following machine?

Powermac G5 (June 2004)
Two 1.8 GHz G5 (PowerPC 970)
3GB (2x1GB, 2x512MB)
ATI Radeon 9800 Pro with 256 MB VRAM Core Image / Quartz Extreme
74GB 10,000rpm Western Digital Raptor
80GB 7,200rpm Seagate
8x SuperDrive
Swiftdata 200 kit with 4 Port Firmtek SATA Card (Up to 5 SATA Drives!)
Edimax nMax Wireless 802.11n PCI Card w/ Antenna
internal 56k v.92
5 FW400 ports (1 on front, 4 in back w/ PCI upgrade card)
1 FW800 port
3 USB 2.0 ports (1 on front)
10/100/gigabit Ethernet
802.11g AirPort Extreme card w/ Antenna
Built In Bluetooth
In original box

Feb 4, 2008, 05:19 PM
Without display I'd say it should go for about $1550