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Feb 6, 2008, 06:51 PM
Hello people. Saved up some money and want to buy a MBP. I sold my Macbook to get the "new one" they were gonna let loose at Macworld. However that went down the pan when I saw the specs of the cripple that is the Air ;). It does look amazing, but It isnt up to the job of being my only computer.

So I thinking about getting a 12" PowerBook and a 20" iMac. Then I have light, small and reasonalbly powerful machine on the go for web, light photoshop, reason and serato.

Its just the fact that I can't justify the cost of an Air and an iMac. Thats wayy to much, but if I went for the Air then I'd need a proper Mac based in the studio...and the good old PB G4 is quite cheaply had now...

What do you guys think about this?

Thanks, Joe.

Feb 6, 2008, 06:56 PM
I'd say painfully wait 2 weeks, and if by then there is nothing, then I guess thats a good idea.

Feb 12, 2008, 11:00 AM
Well considering my situation and uses for a computer, I made the following decision...

I got the 12" PowerBook. Got a great price (400) on an excellent condition 1.5Ghz, 768MB, 80GB, Super. It looks brand new and feels very snappy in Tiger.

Along with this I also bought, a brand new iMac. 20" 2.4Ghz with 2GB ram.

I made this decision as my needs for a powerful computer are music applications, mainly Reason, Cubase and Serato Scratch. I also use the CS suite for school stuff. All of this stuff is done sitting at a desk, ideally with a big screen. If I had a 15" MBP then I'd be compromising on screen size and power for these tasks and also compromising on size/weight when using it on the go.

I really wanted a 12" PowerBook when I bought my first iBook. It was the best looking computer I've ever seen. And now I have one - its great!

I can now have the best of both worlds, using the PB as a note taking, web surfing, music listening and serato'ing machine. And the iMac as a Music production / editing machine.

I'm quite happy actually - spent less then it would have cost me to get the MBP I wanted as well! :D

My question now is...

Is there anyway of getting more than 1.25GB of ram into the PB?

I'm sure I read somewhere that it is possible to put a 2GB stick in there - if you can find one of the correct specification.

Anyone tried this?

Would this be the "right spec" http://www.ebuyer.com/product/119498

Thanks, Joe.