View Full Version : Converting files for Apple TV with 5.1 audio

Feb 20, 2008, 03:25 PM
I am looking for some recommendations on converting video from various formats (DviX, h.264, WMV) to an Apple TV compatible MPEG4 container in h.264. It is important to me that the conversion preserve 5.1 sound (if the source includes it). Iíd like the sound to be in a ProLogic II encoded Stereo stream and a second stream in AC3 5.1 (just like the Apples own format). Handbrake does exactly this, however it only works for DVD sources. VisualHub support all of the sources but creates a non-compliant MOV container that will only work on the Apple TV and can not be tagged with MetaX.
I was really counting on VisualHub delivering, but the developer has stated that he will not be able to support a legal video format in the 1.x line of VH.
In essence I need the output capabilities of Handbrake with the input of VisualHub
Iíve looked at FFMPEGX, but this does not include support for the Apple TV v2.0 at this time.

Feb 20, 2008, 03:52 PM
I would recommend searching this forum. This topic has been discussed many times with many good responses. Many were posted around the time ATV 2 update went live.