View Full Version : Streaming and Syncing.

Feb 22, 2008, 08:12 AM
I've always streamed to my ATV and had Syncing off. When the 2.0 first came down I saw all my shared content under my Shared Movies, TV Shows whatever. Then I bought a tv episode from the ATV itself, and pretty much figured out that unless I turned on Syncing I could not sync that tv show back to my Mac.
So I turned on syncing, set it to manually allow the sync and all was fine. It combined all my content instead of having shared areas. But then a few days later I lost my connection to my mac. I tried to reconnect and could not. I had to disconnect and get a new passcode and reconnect. I then could only reconnect if I had sncing turned off as no matter what I did to set it to manual sync, it was trying to sync all my latst content to the ATV. I had to turn syncing off and then connected to my shared Itunes library and was back up and running. Except now I can no longer sync back purchases from the ATV. I when I try to enable syncing it's is trying to sync 64 items no matter what I do.

Anyone have any Ideas?