View Full Version : Too good to be true? [Deal on PC133 DIMMs]

Feb 27, 2008, 01:51 AM
I'm shopping for some PC133 memory... I'd like to max out the memory in my G4 (Quicksilver) box by buying three 512MB DIMMs. OWC's best price is about $46 each, but I am also finding some ridiculously low prices like this (http://shop.hans-on.net/pn/184286_512-Mb-133mhz-Sdram-Pc133-133-512mb-168pin-New-Ram.htm): $4.68 each!

They're PC133 and 168 pins... is there any reason to believe these DIMMs are incompatible with my G4 Quicksilver? The potential savings are so nice; is there any harm in just trying these cheapo DIMMs? Is the worst case scenario that I'm out about $15 plus shipping... or could they potentially damage my motherboard?