View Full Version : What is the normal Temperature for the macbooks CPU and stuff?

Feb 28, 2008, 05:52 PM
I have a 1 1/2 year old white macbook. (purchased in early august 06) and i was wondering what the normal temperature is for it. Im using istat pro and i was just wondering if anyone with any knowledge on this topic could check it out for me and let me know if mine is okay.

Feb 28, 2008, 05:59 PM
My normal is 40-60 DegC
Up to 90 DegC if doing something processor intensive.
MacBook 2.2GHz Santa Rosa
You can convert to DegF yourself, I only use SI units!

Do you really need to monitor all those elements if you don't know what half of them do or what they should read?

Feb 28, 2008, 06:06 PM
2.2ghz sr

firefox + thunderbird + adium + itunes + microsoft word +smcfancontrol (set to 2500rpm)


Feb 28, 2008, 10:22 PM
OKay thanks!

lil' brudder
Feb 28, 2008, 10:55 PM
My temps according to iStat are:

CPU A - 50
Heatsink A - 47
Enclosure Bottom - 32
Northbridge 1 - 46
Northbridge 2 - 47
Mem Bank A1 - 46
Hard Drive - 32

Feb 29, 2008, 01:11 AM
I have istat, and I gotta say, it makes my top 10 best widget list easily.