View Full Version : Newbie- iDVD not pulling whole video down

Feb 29, 2008, 03:56 PM
Sorry early if I should post this question in another forum. I have a macbook, and I am new to using iMovie/iDVD. Versions I have are iMovie6.0.3/iDVD6.0.4. Last nite I utilized the newbie process of "Make a Magic iMovie", successfully downloaded 60min video from my Sony DCR-HC48, then editing inside iDVD with a result of multiple successful burns to DVD(sweet!, I said).

Today I am following the same process for another DV tape. iMovie connects and starts bringing down this new video, then decides to stop and starts building the project. I have tried twice now, first time it stopped on clip6 defined by the DV tape, second attempt it stopped at clip4. The project builds fine, allows me to do what I want inside iDVD.
Any ideas of why I can't get the whole video to come down to disk? If this isn't the correct forum, please direct me to proper venue.
thanks in advance....