View Full Version : apple share error

Oct 29, 2003, 11:41 PM
ok, i'm so screwed and i really need help.
i was trying to print a project for class at work (which is a no-no) and i had to install some of my font files into the work computer. so i did that. and then i had to take out a couple of the existing font files to make room. so i did that. then i had to restart.
when i restarted, i got a system error message. something about apple share. it told me to restart holding the shift key to disable extensions. so i did.
i figured it was my font files causing the problem so i removed them, put the original ones back and restarted. and it gave me the same message.
the IT guy is looking at it now, but if he doesn't figure it out before the big bosses get in in the morning, i think i'm gonna be in trouble.
anyone have any ideas? please?