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Mar 5, 2008, 09:31 PM
I know the title's kind of bad, but I have a lot to ask about, and it was hard to capture in a short sentence.

Okay, the backstory:

I have a side-project thing that's gone on for a while with my friend Sleeper Cell and I. The project is called Industrial Platypus and we just released our first CD (independently, of course.) called Delicious Platy-Pie, and are working on more material as time allows..I'm a huge advocate of free music, funded by non-demanded donation only, so the album is available completely free on CD (all mailing expenses, CD expenses, case expenses, ink expenses, and time, at my own loss), and available for download online. It's pretty amateur stuff, but here are my questions. The first is, would anyone be willing to help (if so, you can just PM me) make cover art for this album, and possibly future albums? I would be willing to pay, via paypal, if desired, for any help given. The second is, as an independent artist, with not a lot of money, how would be the best way to make cover art, print it, as well as track listings and stuff, without having to spend hours cutting stuff out and such? That's kind of bad wording, but I'm sure you can see what I mean...Basically, I want a way to deliver a good number of CDs, with the cover art and track listings, at not a huge huge loss (I don't know, let's say...$100 for every 1000 CDs distributed. That number is just made up off the top of my head). The CDs are given out by a locally owned CD store/coffee bar, whom I am very appreciative of for his help and support. Can anyone offer me some answers for my ridiculously badly-structured questions? If anyone wants to hear, www.myspace.com/industrialplatypus is the easiest way to shamelessly plug. It's really mediocre, amateur work, done with Fruity Loops and Logic, and is only a small pass-time type thing.

With all that aside, here's my bigger question:
Is it illegal to share self-made remixes of other people's material without permission? Say I'm a member of remix.nin.com and such, and Trent gives those multi-tracks to people for remixing purposes...If I make a remix that is my own, but is still a remix of his material, is it illegal for me share? Even if I am not making money on it?

Thanks for the help, guys :) Hope that was legible.

Oh, and while I'm posting a meaningful thread, I'd like to extend my sincerest apologies to all of Macrumors for my inappropriate behavior causing me to get banned recently. I'm taking extra care now, and I'm appreciative of everyone's help here.

Mar 5, 2008, 09:40 PM
Wow, a lot of questions...

1. Look into creative commons. I think you'll really like it
2. Its not illeagle to distribute remixes if youre not making money. And if I'm wrong and it is, no one is going to go after you cause theres no money to take from you.
3. $100 will hardly cover the cdr.s much less paper sleeves and artwork. But I would recomend using labels on the actual cd, not not really worry about cover art.
4. I would recomend postcards with a link on how to download the music for free instead of CDs. Its cheaper. And maybe a lower percentage of people will actually do it, but the cost pr person will probably be better.

Mar 5, 2008, 09:51 PM
Thanks for the quick reply. I'll be sure to check out Creative Commons (maybe tomorrow)

My issue is not so much with it costing money, it's just that I'm not made of money..I really want people to listen and enjoy it, that's my goal. I don't want to make money, and I don't mind losing money. Music to me is a person giving themselves for expression and the enjoyment and understanding of others. I'll probably have to do that sort of thing (the handout with a link thing) though I'll have to get my webmaster to set up an easy thing for it. But, for now, I just want to get people to walk in, say "oh, a free CD of a local music project." Listen to it, and say, "Oh that was good/bad." maybe share it, go to the site I write on the back, et cetera. If I can reach even 50 different people around this small town with my music before moving on to strictly electronic sharing, I'll be happy :) It really is hard to distribute in an area around this electronically, as is evidenced by our lack of friends on even myspace..

I will definitely rethink all my options for distribution (it's a hard thing to think about x_X Especially with time and resource restraints alongside work and school.

Thanks for the help :)