View Full Version : Lossless Audio Compresion

Oct 10, 2001, 12:40 AM
With the MP3 explosion, it's interesting to see the release of Shorten X (http://www.hornig.net/shorten.html) for OS X. Shorten X is based on this lossless compression algorithm (http://svr-www.eng.cam.ac.uk/~ajr/GroupPubs/Robinson94-tr156/index.html) for audio.

You're best compression appears to be 50%... which means you aren't exactly going to be moving all your CD's to this format... but it's just a refreshing feeling not to actually lose data in the compression...

Oct 16, 2001, 10:56 PM
The beauty of shorten is for transfering CDs across a network and maintaining more or less exact copies of the original. This is paramount in taping and trading circles, and many distribution methods (e.g. Tape Trees) have been replaced with SHN trees.

Now they only need to upgrade ProTools and we'll be set.