View Full Version : Eclipse utterly fails when using OD

Mar 7, 2008, 04:54 PM
We have recently moved(with great difficulty and consternation) to an open directory setup at work. Since all the end users will be logged in as OD users, I would like to be logged in as one myself when I build and test, plus having identical environments on all my machines wouldn't be a bad thing, but Eclipse fails badly when I try to run it as an OD user with a Network home.

First it won't create a workspace on my network home, it tells me "The workspace cannot be created" whenever I try to create one. So I created the workspace in /Users/Shared and now it locks up whenever I try to create a new java project.

Anyone else have a setup like this? Any advice? At this point, I'm willing to give XCode a try....

EDIT: Should have posted this info, I'm on 10.4.11 using a 4 core Mac Pro