View Full Version : Firewire Hub and/or FW Protection Recommendations?

Oct 31, 2003, 03:30 PM
Being that my G5 only has one FW400 port on the back, and I'm paranoid about Firewire peripherals frying ports (though that's apparently much less of an issue with newer machines), I'm shopping around for for a decent powered hub on the cheap.

Anybody have experience with this sort of thing? Is it really worth it (Macintouch would indicate so), or am I being too paranoid? Do FW hubs cause more problems of their own? Anybody found something that fits the bill, or am I going to be better off either risking my lone port or buying a cheap G5-compatible FW card (if those even exist) instead?

I've so far found several hubs that advertise overcurrent protection, and several that are cheap, but so far I've got a small problem. They're all either:

a) Butt ugly.
b) Do not specify over current protection on the FW ports.
c) Expensive.
d) Two or more of the above.

Two front runners, both off-brands:

(very cheap, got some USB ports too, but ugly and doesn't specify protection on the FW ports)

(cheap, almost as ugly)