View Full Version : Monitor power cords and other annoying problems

Nov 2, 2003, 12:14 AM
I just got my G5 and I'm happy to say goodbye to my good old G3.

But it seems my monitor set up is giving me somee trouble. I used to have a dual monitor set up with the G3 and would like it with the G5 as well.

* My main monitor right now is a 17" Apple Studio display and it gets it's power from my G3, I thought I just could put it in a powerstrip, but the molding on the cord only fits the back of my G3. I want to get rid of the G3, but now the G3 works as a power source and nothing more. :(

* My other monitor is an old Apple 1710 or something. I know what I have to do wwith that, get a ADC-VGA adapter. But they are not common anymore, so most places here don't have them in stock.

I am planning on getting a big LCD screen one day, but I would like to wait a bit until Apple udgrades them.

Should I just buy a cheap LCD ?

Nov 2, 2003, 07:50 AM
I am still working on my old G3 B&W and also have 2 CRT monitors. I also want to upgrade to a G5 and am also looking for a good way to keep my two displays. Unfortunately my old second graphics card (33 mhz) doesn't fit in the new g5 1.8 I want...

Does anyone have any suggestions how to get those 2 crt monitors on the digital lcd ports apple is using now?? Or is it just better to get an retail ati graphics card with normal ports on them?