View Full Version : resetting ipod

Mar 18, 2008, 01:00 PM
Last summer I got one of those free ipod nanos with the mbp i bought. I had planned on selling it from the get-go, but then used it for a short amount of time - anywho.....now i finally put it up on ebay. the only thing is....i used it in the past. but i wiped all the songs off of it and i thought that that was that. however now i have someone asking me if it was registered. i don't think it is - but did the fact that i used it with itunes at one point mean that it is? i don't know. i plugged it in to do an extra 'restore' just in case but to do that i need to enter my password etc. does that mean that the new owner will have a problem when they get it? i didn't think it would but now i'm getting a little paranoid about it.