View Full Version : Recording Audio Tapes to CDs ... ???

Mar 19, 2008, 11:53 PM
I need some advice/help with trying to figure out how I can create digital audio files from my old cassette tapes, and then burn the songs onto CDs. I have the iMic, and have tried using Audacity and Final Vinyl, with no luck. Final Vinyl seemed to be saving my audio files, but I don't know where the audio was saved, and can't find it .... Couldn't play back anything .....

I saved lots of audio files with Audacity, but everytime I recorded songs, I could hear us talking and lots of air noise. I tried various settings with the iMic, Audacity, and System Preferences, but still no luck.

I need good sound advice. I can't afford to experiment with buying too many applications .... limited funds .... So, I'm hoping that I can make my first investment a good one, and get good quality sound files that I can burn to CDs. I have at least 150-200 songs from cassette tapes that I would like to burn to CDs.

I will be using my old G4 iBook, running OS X 10.4.11. I have a good quality tape player/recorder (Sony stereo cassette-corder TCS-430 with separate phone and mic jacks). Also, I will have a PM 9600 soon (!!). I have an old SCSI CDRW that I could use as well ..... Not sure if I could use iTunes with OS 9.1 though .... ???

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated! Thanks.

-- vja4Him