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Nov 6, 2003, 01:35 PM

I am one lucky dog, I just got my G5 and now I am going to be able to acquire a new 12" G4 iBook as well. I have some questions...I am hoping someone who has one may have some answers for me.

I sold my almost new 900mhz G3 iBook to get my bf a new 12" PowerBook G4. There were only one thing I did not like about the newer iBook (G3) and that was the fact they changed the color and texture of the insides from the smooth as silk silver to the bumpy sorta rubbery white. The white got dirty fast (see my previous posts about how I have OCD when it comes to washing hands) even tho I tried the hardest to keep it clean!!!

Does anyone know is the NEW inside (which looks more grey than white and smoother than the G3 900's) is different? Do you think it will be more stain resistant?

Ok Secondly as mentioned before we got a 12" PB 1Ghz for the boyfriend who is a little worried abt the durability of the little 12" Al Book. He is considering taking the G4 iBook instead since it's a little tougher...since I have my G5 i really DON'T care what my laptop computer is so it's on him... but... I have noticed 2 things about the PB and I wanted to know if anyone else did also...
1. The airport reception while much better than my old TiBook still PALES in comparison to the iBook's (I kno the reasons, no need to rehash an old argument) but I even have a Linksys wireless signal booster and I can go clear down the street and use my iBook at my friend's place but I don't ever get more than 3 signal bars on my Airport in the house! Am I the only one?

Also the screen appears MARKEDLY dimmer than the 700MHZ iBook I have right now, does anyone else have this issue?

Thanks for you time and answers!



Nov 7, 2003, 07:26 AM
No ONE? 60 Views and no one replied? DAMN THAT MUST BE ONE HELL OF A TITLE TO THIS POST!