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Nov 7, 2003, 02:50 AM
We just set up the website for our business club. Considering the limited time we had for this (we are all volunteering to do this stuff) we are pleased with the outcome, but we also would like to hear some suggestions and comments of people being not involved.

To the website of the DKBC... (http://www.dk-bc.de)

Thanks in advance. :)


Nov 7, 2003, 03:37 AM
groovebuster, it looks nice and clean, not cluttered or overbearing in any way. :)

i'm guessing that you designed it for 1024x768 though? it's just that i like to keep my Safari window small so i can see the rest of the desktop. most people don't like to fill their screen with a web page.

so my only suggestion would be to slim it down a bit. just make it so it's not so wide. i didn't take the time to measure it, but that's just my personal preference. i know alot of other sites design for 1024x768 these days, so i guess it is becoming more acceptable.

nice job anyway. :)

Nov 7, 2003, 04:04 AM
Thanks. :)

Yup! We wanted to keep it simple because the site doesn't want to sell chocolate bars or consumer electronics, it's supposed to provide info to business people who are interested in the activities of the club and we wanted it to be easy on the eyes so that a "sophisticated design approach" doesn't distract from the info. We tried to find a design that it is simple without looking almost amateurish or boring but still reflects the business purpose behind it. Not to forget the limited time we all could spend on the project. Complicated designs always eat a lot of time before they are "perfect". ;)

You are right, it is designed for a resolution of 1024 x 768. We discussed that subject a few times with the other Co-Founders of the club before we started production and we went for the bigger resolution, since it was the preference of most of the guys having a say in it.


Nov 7, 2003, 07:10 PM
First of all, an all-around very nice looking site--crisp, clean design, well organized, the code looks pretty clean, and the graphic design is understated but elegant. I particularly like the partially outlined section headers in the righthand column (with the darker grey border on the top and to the left)--I tried to pull off something similar once, but it didn't come out looking nearly as nice.

Now, a few creative-criticism nitpicks, since you asked for input:

Mainly, I agree that you should stay away from the fixed witdth--the whole point of the web is that it's a fluid medium, so coding for a specific window width goes against the grain, so to speak. If you must do fixed, 1024 is pretty big, despite the temptation--if your (obviously very specific) audience uses big browser windows and huge monitors, it's not as much of an issue, but I have a big monitor and still run my browser windows smaller than that usually.

Three other very small things: One, in the menu on the left, having the section of the page you're on with underlined text the same color as active links in the page body while all the active links are black and plain is just a bit disorienting--it looks like the only non-link on the list is the only active one at first glance. I generally prefer obviously-marked links and a consistant link-vs-text colorscheme, but if you want to use that design style maybe marking the current section with an outline box or highlite color, instead of underline, would help.

Two, in the gecko engine the grey box toward the top with the "English - Deutsch" selector in it has a disproportionately thick border on the right. It's not in Safari, so it might just be a quirk, but that probably indicates something slightly out of whack with the <div>s.

Last, the pages almost validate, but not quite; the SGML characters are forgivable, but it looks like you forgot to close the <a> tag on the Sponsor link at the top.

All around a cool site, though--wish I had that kind of design skill.

Nov 7, 2003, 07:41 PM
es sieht sehr gut aus! ;)