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Nov 7, 2003, 12:29 PM
I am a newbie to XCode and Cocoa in general. I am not a newbie to C, however. I am an experienced C programmer, and my reason for using XCode is to provide graphical frontends to my currently text-only C programs. I have been having trouble with Cocoa though. I understand how to create a new Controller, and then create Outlets and Actions for it, and then instantiate it and then link that to all the things I wanted.

What I don't know how to do is get the text from edit boxes into variables that I can then use as if they were created from scanf. I just want the text from my edit boxes to get transfered to strings that I can then use my C knowledge to work with. Also, I would like to know how I could convert the strings into other types of data types like integers or whatever. And I would like to know how I can then transfer those values back to the edit box when I am done with it.

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Nov 7, 2003, 01:43 PM
The following is an example where I've gotten the text out of one field, sent it to a conversion routine, and made it the text in another field.

/* get the text from the field, pass to conversion routine, put the text in the ban mask text field */

[banMask setStringValue: [converter convertMask: [hostMask stringValue]]];

Of course, setStringValue requires a NSString. If you have a C string, you can create a new temporary NSString within the message (method call, if you prefer) and initWithCString to get the text in there.