View Full Version : Problem adding Webkit Framework to iPhone App

Apr 4, 2008, 12:25 PM
Hello everyone!!

I am all new to all ObjC/Cocoa/Carbon/C++... programming .. I come from a Java background and I felt like getting started in this because I want to make an iPhone app.. I am using some Javascript in my app so I figured I should add the WebKit framework to my Xcode project .. so I start up a new project... select in Xcode New Project.. "Cocoa Touch Application" and as soon as I do that I added the Webkit framework & my build failed with an error message that said: "Linking /Users/me/Desktop/MyApp/build/Debug-aspensimulator/MyApp.app/MyApp
framework not found WebKit" :confused: :confused:

What am I doing wrong?????
OOhh please help!!! It would be kindly appreciated!!!