View Full Version : Updating my old recording stuff

Apr 5, 2008, 06:43 PM
I have a home recording studio. I was sequencing and tracking in Digital Performer, then recording vocals and Mixing in Pro Tools, until my computer died.

My (very) old stuff:
- 1.2 GHz Single Mac G4
- OS 9.2.2
- Pro Tools 24 Mix-Plus 5.1.1
- DAE 5.1.1
- Digital Performer 3.1.1
- MOTU Midi Time Piece AV
- Apogee AD 8000
- SBS Expansion Unit with many DSP Chips
- Aard Sync Clock
- A lot of Plug-Ins (Waves, TCE, Focusrite, Auto Tune, Vocalign, Sans Amp, Bomb Factory, Drawmer, Pitchín Time, etc. etc.)
- Korg Trinity (keyboard) and several modules: JV 2080, Kurzweill 2500, Korg Orbit, Phatt, MoPhatt, etc.

Iím trying to upgrade or switch to something up to day but very affordable.

Iíve got a 1.25 dual Mac G4 with both OSX 10.3.9 and OS 9.2 with DP4 all ready installed.
(I also could use a dual 2.3 G5 with OSX 10.4.11)

Itís hard to me to figure out what steps I have to follow. I know that if I switch to OSX, I canít keep using my old Pro Tools and DP, and all my plug-Ins.

I was thinkiní about to get a small but more up to day stuff. I really donít need more than two channels of simultaneous recording. But Iíd want to have the capacity of Mix around 32 tracks, and many plug-ins. I also need to use my analog sound modules for tracking.

What about Pro Tools LE, with Apogee Duet? Are they compatibles? What else Iíll need?
(clock?, MIDI Interface?...)

Thanx in advance for any HELP!!!:confused: