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Nov 10, 2003, 03:52 PM
I've been searching without any luck, and I feel like an even bigger n00b for asking this...
but I saw a thread SOMEWHERE in this forum with a website specifically for and all about switching. I haven't received my mac yet, but I wanted to get the ball rolling. i remember the link saying it had all the places to look in my peecee for the important info to burn CD's for transfer.
greatly appreciated.

Nov 10, 2003, 04:58 PM
try apple.com/switch

Nov 12, 2003, 06:58 AM
that's not the one i was trying to find, but it had everything i was looking for.
Thanks! ;)

Dec 10, 2003, 06:44 AM
It's probably way late, but I just read your post so typed "mac switch" into Google in Safari and found PCtoMac


I reckon it was probably the site you heard about.