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Nov 11, 2003, 08:49 AM
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Link: Apple, Linux and Microsoft: Losing the Religion (http://www.technewsworld.com/perl/story/32088.html)

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Nov 11, 2003, 09:40 AM
I thought it was common knowledge that people should choose their computer based on their needs. Useless article, seems like he's trying to get people not to switch to Apple.

For my personal needs there is no computer better than Macs. For my work needs, I prefer Windows 2k.

Nov 11, 2003, 09:43 AM

Nov 11, 2003, 09:47 AM
A great read if you like condescending piffle. Microsoft programmers might be great guys with really good ideas and plenty of successes under their belt, but excusing their massive shortfalls in the security department because of a predisposition to creating cool effects...hmmm. He didnt want to rip into Linux deficiencies too much, because apparenty he already did that in another article and didnt want to receive another sackful of emails from Linux supporters.

It seems he read the Mac forums and came up with a list of Panther issues that basically dont reflect the forums at all. Unless of course I went blind at the thousands of reports about Finder being dodgy? I did read about people, numbers unknown, with wiped fw drives, but apparently huge numbers have buggy problems with their fw drives?

Very strange article and a good hint of the sort of corporate botty-licking go-with-the-masses type of person you escape from when opting for an alternative to Microsoft..

Nov 11, 2003, 10:24 AM
"Just like the IT department that found itself unemployed as a result of an Apple migration, the executive staff is incredibly intolerant of poorly founded critical decisions."

So is that the whole point of sticking to Windows? Keeping IT departments on the payroll. I'm no business genius here but it seems like the goal of any healthy business organization would be to have the least number of employees possible.

Read between the lines here; If you are an IT person and you want to keep your job, stick with the platform that will keep you the busiest. Pure and simple.

Nov 11, 2003, 10:24 AM
He sure make it seems like it is a 80-90% effect.
Like everyone gets their FW drive wiped, and that no one likes the new finder.
Oh and Expose, Fast User Switching, improved Open/Save menu etc, those are just bug fixes.

I guess this means that Longhorn is the Mother of all Bugfixes, but he forgot to mention that.


Gotta love being a Mac-user. You apparently pay alot extra to get an inferior machine, an inferior OS and inferior applications plus you get brainwashed to like it.

Darn on us low-intelligence & low-will powered Mac Users. Shame on us.

---> Meanwhile nefarious hackers in the real world are preying on good orderly citizens that the Windows users are. The MS government issued another 'dead or crippled' bounty on hackers for somehow inventing magic to hack the super secure windows, oh and of course they are also the ones that installed that evil spy ware on your computer that send minute updates about your personal information and financial data to a secret server.
Meantime the NEW Windows Buffalo Platinum edition, costing $1,999 was sent with an invoice to pay to all household making more than $100,000.00 And should you decide not to purchase, your ability to use your computer will be disabled.


Nov 11, 2003, 10:34 AM
"We form our impressions of companies much as we form impressions of people. The manager we hate at work might actually be a critical defender when our job is put at risk. That nasty cop who writes us a ticket just might have saved the life of a small child at great personal risk the day before. That jerk neighbor next door might be the one person who comes to your aid during a fire or other crisis -- a phenomenon a lot of folks here in California discovered recently. "

I love this quote, of course me to defend MS.
But in the real world MS is the jerk neighbour that throws his dry leaves into your yard while you are BBQ'ing and then 'saves' you to play the hero. And afterwards scolds you for BBQ'ing around dry flamable leaves. You should have removed them first.

If MS is the company that is going to save the worlds computing woes, it needs to become consumer friendly. I don't think it listens to its consumers like the article says. I am pretty sure consumers did not request:

Pain in the A$$ authorization procedures that treats you as a criminal before you have done anything.
Attempts to make the Internet MS only.
Bad programming in Windows/IE that requires you to break the code in your standard-compliant website so that it can read it.
And the list goes on

Nov 11, 2003, 01:55 PM
what useless garbage this dr phil lookalike has strewn....

Nov 13, 2003, 01:06 AM
Don't give Rob Enderle hits.

So Panther is nothing but an expensive bug fix that brings us a "horribly slow" Finder while offering worse security than Windows and destroying a huge percentage of hard drives? Have I got that about right?

So many blatantly wrong anti-Apple statements that even HE should be embarrassed. Ah, but he's the "expert"!

Apple is doing something really, REALLY right to make Windows defenders like Rob Enderle get THAT irrational and panicky about Apple's successes.