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Nov 12, 2003, 05:47 AM
OK, i dozed off with the computer on my lap and woke up with it cracked. Now i need a new LCD for my 12" powerbook. Does anyone know any salespeople who can hook me up with the part only for the best possible price? I'm sure I can install it ok.


Sun Baked
Nov 12, 2003, 06:29 AM
Check out places like...





You can always call Apple to find out how much a new LCD is.

Sometimes Apple will charge less than the parts from a third party.

Especially if the part is an Apple replacement screen, which will probably be the entire screen assembly.

Nov 12, 2003, 06:45 AM
wow those are a lot....

I was looking on ebay and they have just the LCD part of screens (for other laptops) that are as cheap as $10... I don't mind replacing it myself if i know it'll work.

I don't see why this


wouldn't work.



Nov 12, 2003, 06:56 AM
Does anyone know where I can find a list of compatible LCD screens? I want it to be as easy as possible, but don't want to spend hundreds on fixing it. It's not even paid for!!!! I see so many cheap 12" displays on ebay, i don't really want to pay hundreds for something that is essentially the same.

I have this hooked up to my TV now so it works....

Sun Baked
Nov 12, 2003, 07:06 AM
You may want to take the screen apart to see who makes it, and to find the LCD part number you'll need to find a replacement.

That is if nobody around here can supply you with the info.

Nov 12, 2003, 08:58 AM
the screen you mentioned from ebay is 800 by 600, much worse native resolution than the original 12" PB screen.

i doubt it's compatible with the PB. it's for old PCs.

Nov 12, 2003, 09:22 AM
Alright, I nervously took my powerbook apart and found the part number. It's 661-2791.

Tried a search on these and they are still way more than I can pay.

Called apple, they said it would be $1200 to get it fixed. Might as well buy a new one for that much. And i don't even have this one nearly paid off....

Now if i get a 12.1 inch high resolution LCD screen on ebay for dirt cheap will it work? Has this happend to anyone else? I need this thing to work but don't have much money at all....

I know the amount of power has to be compatible with apple, otherwise i have to get a new power inverter....

Does anyone have a powerbook screen they are willing to sell?



Nov 12, 2003, 09:36 AM
i'm afraid that the screen simply isn't cheap at this point. rather than wasting your money on cheap screens and kluging it, if possible at all, buy the thinnest possible ext. LCD display?

did you insure the PB by any chance?

sorry to be so pessimistic, but like you found out, those LCDs aren't cheap...

i *do* respect your guts for daring to open the PB, though.

Nov 12, 2003, 09:48 AM
Did not insure it. Didn't even get applecare.

Think i'm going to take the balsy route and retrofit it into something cheap off ebay. If i could find a service where they could find a part and fix it for a price within reason i'd pay, but not when a working option may be 1/5 the price i'd pay.

I can't seem to figure out how to take off the LCD back panel completely... has anyone done this before and has some sort of documentation on it? Would be really appreciated.


Nov 12, 2003, 10:17 AM
Originally posted by rfenik
Did not insure it. Didn't even get applecare.

Asked powerbookmedic.com, they will sell one for $395... and that's just the LCD part. Damn that's a lot of money for such a tiny screen.

applecare wouldn't have helped because it doesn't cover accidents or misuse.

it's expensive precisely because it's so tiny. it's not a cheap process fitting 750,000+ pixels in a 12" screen.

good luck with whatever you decide to do...

Nov 12, 2003, 01:07 PM
Apple and just about every other company was a total rip-off. Most were talking about many many hundreds of dollars.

Well here is what i did. I found a company called idparts.com that totally smashed the prices of every other company i checked out. I guess these guys do massive amounts of LCD sales. They said they haven't worked on a 12" powerbook before, but were confident they could get it to work. They are replacing the LCD screen entirely. Hopefully i can get all of this done for less than $300. I'll let everyone know how this turns out.

Right now my powerbook is on a UPS truck on it's way to Pennsylvainia.

such a sad, sad day....


Nov 13, 2003, 04:08 AM
whats the status on the screen man?

Nov 13, 2003, 08:25 AM
probably stolen.

I would have just gotten it fixed by apple and known my powerbook was going to be somewhere safe :o

Nov 13, 2003, 09:09 AM
geez... it's only been a day or two. it's on its way to Pa...

i hope he gets it fixed, although i wouldn't have gone the same route as the original poster. (i am not sure if i'd want to pay $300 to people who has never fixed a 12" PB before... i personally would have paid $200 more to have one of the other places with 12" PB experience do it...)

regardless, keep us updated.

Nov 14, 2003, 06:01 PM
Well, bad news. idparts.com called and said they could do it for less than $300, and i gave them the goahead....

They put a new LCD in and said that my power adapter must have been messed up because there was no picture... Now i sent them the laptop on an almost full battery, and the power adapter is worn - but it works. I told them when you plug it in the plug should light up orange....

They said ok to that, realized it wasn't the power adapter but the LCD. They said they couldn't get the backlight to work on the the new screen because it had a 2 digit difference in the model number... but my cracked one worked fine (it lit up). They said the exact model number of the LCD isn't available anymore (by the way - my powerbook was new in september) They said they have one that looks identical except for the 2 last digits. I guess it plugged in perfectly and everything but just didn't light up.

They offered me the LCD that didn't work in my computer for $50 off the standard price... but wtf am i going to do with that????

They said they could send it back or think about it over the weekend and try to get it to work monday.... I told them to figure it out and send it back to me if they couldn't get it to work.

So as of now it's not working and may have to go to one of those really expensive places.

Here are the quotes I got:

powerbookmedic.com : these guys advertise in Macworld and obviously have experience. Thier quote- $799 + $75 installation. Might as well get a new one for that much.... (i said 395 earlier, that was a different quote)

lcdsforless.com : these guys don't seem as 'mac' as pbmedic, but they said they could get it done for a cool $395

laptoprepair.com : never heard of these people. $450

MacResQ: now based on the way these guys advertise you would think they have it in stock and would be able to fix it blindfolded. They said "MacResQ does not have the 12" G4 Screen in stock. You can try searching on
www.dealmac.com or www.dealsontheweb.com."

So I looked at both those sites to no avail. I thought MacResQ would have it all....

I would like for idparts to be able to get me setup and working, but i'm starting to think they may not be able to. I'd not like having to go to one of those really expensive places but feel I might have to.

tazo - i'd like to have gotten it fixed by apple too, but for $1200? come on. That's simply too much. I might as well get a widescreen lcd if i'm going to spend that much.

I'm thinking i'm going to LCDS4LESS.com....

Anyone know of a good company to send it to that can really fix it for a good price?

I just want it to work again!

I'm using a windows machine on campus now and it just sucks! However, i am listening to Itunes radio. You gotta love the Chronix Aggression station!


Nov 16, 2003, 09:23 PM
Well I think I found one for $250! Apple kinda sucks with the monopoly they have over specific parts. I guess Windows computers are a lot easier to fix, and less expensive because everyone has one. If i had one complaint about apple that would be it.

Hopefully it will work soon!


Nov 16, 2003, 11:41 PM
lol, you actually thought you could get this taken care of for 300 dollars. if you ask me, your doing more harm than good dealing with all these cheapo lcd sites on the web, but good luck to ya but i dont think you will find it.


Nov 17, 2003, 05:36 AM
Our 2.5 y.o. daughter totally trashed the slot-loading drive of the iMac G3 of my wife when she tried to squeeze in a CD while there was already one in the drive. I tried to fix it myself, but some of the little delicate parts were bent so badly, that it rendered to be an impossible mission to succeed.

So I called Apple to find out what a replacement would cost. They wanted more than 300.- € just for the drive (it is just a 16x CD-ROM, not even a CD-RW!!!) service charge not even included!!! :eek:

Their prices for spare parts are really insane! I told them to get lost! ;)

So I bought a pretty nice silver Mitsumi CD-RW for 100.- € (40x burning) and put it in a stylish aluminum FW enclosure for 60.- €. Now my wife doesn't have an internal drive anymore, but she has a really fast external one and finally can burn CDs (fast) herself now for half the price the orginal Apple drive would have costed. It is fully supported by MacOS X and iTunes. What more she could ask for?

I also wanted to replace the LCD of my PowerBook G3 Wallstreet a while ago (it started to have wavy patterns of different brightness), but they also told me an insane price for it. So I decided to live with the screwed up LCD instead of being ripped of like that, until it's replaced.

Things like that always remind me of the fact that also an Apple Computer is just a tool to get your work done and that Apple is like every other big company just seeing you as a walking cheque book.

I guess I am just miffed a little bit about Apple lately. ;) But I have reason... :rolleyes:


Nov 17, 2003, 06:42 AM
You can remove the LCD screen, but it requires a special tool.

Nov 17, 2003, 12:26 PM
Of course. The model I need is lp121x04 C2. Apparently there are a lot of B2s around, but not many C2s. On ebay there is one for less than $300, brand new.... I am sure I can find one for the price I am willing to pay. If you think about it - that seems about right. I bet dealers pay about $200 for these, based on the quotes I've been getting. Do a google on lp121x04 and you get a lot of results.

I got my screen off with a phillips wrench


Nov 17, 2003, 01:34 PM
Please explain to me why you do not have AppleCare. I understand they may not fix it because it was misuse by the owner, but at least you could try!? ALL Powerbook 12" owners should have AppleCare since the product was released in Jan. 03. Was this purchased on ebay? I thought you could transfer the warranty? Is the stolen? That would make sense. If I am out of line, I apologize in advance, but please explain to be why this computer does not have AppleCare.

Nov 17, 2003, 02:49 PM
purchasing apple care is completely optional. i have a rev. A PB 12" and i don't plan on spending $285 (edu. discouted) for an extended warranty. it's not a given like you make it sound - it's a choice. while i'm happy for you that you got one, don't make it sound like it's a no brainer decision. i personally would rather not spend the money and use that toward a new (and better spec'ed) PB if something were to happen to mine.

it doesn't cover user accidents either. you will not get a cracked display covered because no LCD will crack on its own as a manufacturing defect. good luck trying to pass that kind of "defect" onto apple... :rolleyes:

i kind of agree with iJon, i think it's about time you come to terms with the fact maybe it's not that cheap of a part?? while apple's price of $1200 is ridiculous, other more "reputable" vendors charging $400+ sounds fairly reasonable. i'm not sure if it's worth your time, money, effort and piece of mind running around all over the place looking for parts at dirt cheap prices and wondering if these places can fix your machine or not... that's just my opinion.

Nov 17, 2003, 03:26 PM
Once you call people and tell them EXACTLY what you need they give you a lower price. The part is sold to distributers for a price of about $200, so I would be happy if i got one for less than $300.

Yeah applecare is a rip off. Bottom line. $300 for nothing. I know someone that had an Imac (the old ones, with the big CRT monitors) and the video card went out. They paid for applecare, and it wasn't misuse of the product that caused it to break. It was a defect. Applecare didn't help them at all. Applecare does absolutely nothing and will not help you even if your computer is defective. It's just another source of revenue.

Well, i have my powerbook back... I took out the monitor, and fortunatlely this hooks up to my 19" CRT one painlessly... so although it doesn't have the functionality of a laptop but it works. I'm using it now :-)

There is one on ebay for $275


Nov 17, 2003, 03:50 PM
After having some damage happen to my old Rev. A iBook you find out how pricey is can be. Most items cost from about $20-100, but when you go into areas of major critical parts you had better be ready to pay. Major parts are the mobo, screen, optical drive and a few other parts. Yes the Apple price of $1200 has the premium of going through Apple, but expecting to get it for less than $200 is more than likely not going to get a screen of the original specifications. Part of it isn't just the part, but also the technical work needed to get it back into working condition ( the apple powerbook screens are basically a frame and the screen- and only enough of a frame to provide enough support). Yeah you should find the lowest price, but you should also wonder on how much you are trading for quality. You don't have to pay $1200, or even $700, but with the general part being about $430 (without service- atleast 3 sites quoted that much), and for about $70 they will do the work for you. Have fun in trying to find a fitting part.....

P.S.- remember that rarity of a part increases its price.

Nov 17, 2003, 11:35 PM
Originally posted by jxyama
purchasing apple care is completely optional. i have a rev. A PB 12" and i don't plan on spending $285 (edu. discouted) for an extended warranty. it's not a given like you make it sound - it's a choice. while i'm happy for you that you got one, don't make it sound like it's a no brainer decision. i personally would rather not spend the money and use that toward a new (and better spec'ed) PB if something were to happen to mine.

it doesn't cover user accidents either. you will not get a cracked display covered because no LCD will crack on its own as a manufacturing defect. good luck trying to pass that kind of "defect" onto apple... :rolleyes:

i kind of agree with iJon, i think it's about time you come to terms with the fact maybe it's not that cheap of a part?? while apple's price of $1200 is ridiculous, other more "reputable" vendors charging $400+ sounds fairly reasonable. i'm not sure if it's worth your time, money, effort and piece of mind running around all over the place looking for parts at dirt cheap prices and wondering if these places can fix your machine or not... that's just my opinion.

AppleCare is not option at all, you get 1 year with the product! Everyone who owns a 12" Powerbook should still have Applecare. I have had 2 video boards replaced on an OLD CRT iMac when covered by AppleCare for FREE. I don't understand why there is so much gripe about AppleCare.

Nov 18, 2003, 01:14 AM
Let me tell you my applecare story.

Last month I bought a refurbed iMac. Bought Applecare. It arrived and something was wrong with it.

I called Apple. They sent out a repairperson and he fixed it at my office the next morning (bad RAM as it turned out).

The guy had to drive almost 50 miles ONE WAY to do the service call, and he was there within 12 hours of when I called to fix the problem.

Yeah, Applecare is bad service all right! They should have been there within 20 minutes of my call. Heck, they should have been waiting when I got the package just to make sure nothing was wrong.

Sheesh. What do you want for a couple of hundred bux?

Nov 18, 2003, 06:18 AM
Well, the LCD for my powerbook is taken out and i'm using it solely as a desktop with my 19" monitor. I still want an LCD, however, so i get my portable functionality back in my powerbook.

The part number that I took out was LP121X04(c2), but it's possible that another model may work.

I wonder if it would be possible to somehow do something crazy with this thing, like putting a 15" screen on it. Of course, then you get another issues such as the lid not being able to close - but if i make a custom case for it - i think it would look pretty cool.

I've tried to look online for what screens are compatible with this model, but to little avail.

This is the page where the specs for the 12.1 inch powerbook are listed


But that doesn't help much. I need to know if other models will be compatible. I want to do one of those crazy "powerbook hacks" so mine is one of a kind.


Sun Baked
Nov 18, 2003, 07:25 AM
Originally posted by rfenik
...The part number that I took out was LP121X04(c2), but it's possible that another model may work...

-ryan This inside shot of the PB12 almost makes it look like Samsung supplies an LCD unit for the PB12, but it's hard to read the top left anyhow.

It is a repairable part, unlike the swap the entire assembly panel type repairs.

Nov 18, 2003, 09:02 AM
I just read in the new issue of Wired how the prices of LCDs are dropping.

Woo hoo!

I bid on a few LCDs on ebay. hopefully one of them will work.


Nov 18, 2003, 10:09 AM
yes, in the sense of being within one year, i still have applecare. however, free phone support is up. so unless i can prove it's a hardware defect - highly unlikely for a cracked screen - i will have to pay $49 per incident charge in order to talk to applecare.

good luck with your continued search, ryan. you sure are going the distance to save a few bucks, as far as i'm concerned... ;)

Nov 20, 2003, 12:44 AM
Here is what my cracked LCD looks from the back. I still need something compatible, although i've found a bunch for under $300. I'm still waiting until a DEAL floats onto ebay.

Those lines aren't really across it... i guess the scanner needs cleaned :-)


Nov 20, 2003, 01:02 AM
Had the same problem with an old pc laptop i used to have.

I had a hard time finding a replacment because the screen model i had was kinda new a rare. Your best bet is to find the exact same model screen. I know when i tried a screen that "should of worked"(same connections, and brand) on my pc i got nothing, but when i bought the correct model it worked like a charm. The key is goggle and a lot of phone calls. Simply ask do you have modle XXXX-XXXX made by ? (the LCD supplier, not apple) and if they don't ask them if they know any other companies that deal in LCDs. It will cost you about 300-400 anyway you look at it. The one for my pc was about 400. We'll good luck, and remember to by the same model screen.

Dec 10, 2003, 04:22 PM
Well, my fiancée just called to let me know our 4-yr old accidentally knocked my PB G4 (first run, 400mhz) off the kitchen table, so I guess I'm in the same boat as you now. I'm thinking this laptop has just become a desktop as I don't even want to know how much it will cost to fix... :)

Dec 15, 2003, 02:14 PM
Well, a happy ending. Went through the company DCI Parts and got a new LCD screen for $287, with shipping included. Got the new LCD this morning and installed it, works perfectly.

Look on ebay if you want my cracked LCD for some reason.


Dec 15, 2003, 02:48 PM
rfenink--I have a 12" PowerBook G4, and I want to take it apart to upgrade some things. Do you have any advice on how to open the thing up? I don't want to void my warranty, so I don't want anything to be damaged. Are there any hidden screws, etc?

Actually, I had wanted to sell it so I could upgrade to a bigger screen, but since I didn't have any good offers, I figure I may as well upgrade the heck out of it. Faster HD, more RAM, Airport, here I come.

By the way, sweet deal on the LCD screen. I'm the same way--if something happened to my PowerBook, I would spend weeks or months finding the best deal on replacement parts. Good find!

Dec 15, 2003, 02:57 PM

if you go as far as opening your PB, you will void your warranty. however, if you do it carefully enough not to leave any traces of opening it, i'm sure apple tech will not notice. ;)

so it's entirely up to you, just make sure you consider the possibility that your warranty may be voided...

that said, here's some visual aid to opening up your PB. it's in japanese, if you need some of the captions translated, let me know, but it should be quite obvious. (and yes, there's a hidden screw.)

Kodawarisan 12" PB disassembly. (http://www.kodawarisan.com/ug/PowerBook/index.html)

by the way, congrats to the original poster. hat's off to your persistence.

Dec 15, 2003, 03:47 PM

Jan 7, 2004, 06:02 PM
Originally posted by jxyama that said, here's some visual aid to opening up your PB. it's in japanese, if you need some of the captions translated, let me know, but it should be quite obvious. (and yes, there's a hidden screw.)

Kodawarisan 12" PB disassembly. (http://www.kodawarisan.com/ug/PowerBook/index.html)

Sorry for bumping a somewhat older thread; what can I say, I'm brand new. The subject is just too much for me not to respond.

I highly recommend against going the route that the original poster went to fix your machine. His/her warranty is totally void (if there would normally be any left now) and the hassle really wasn't worth it.

jamdr, you should take your machine to the Apple Store or to an Apple Authorized Service location in order to upgrade your machine. It may cost more to have them do that for you, but it doesn't violate your warranty on the other parts in the machine (LCD, logic board, optical drive, and so on). You can install the Airport card yourself, though, since it's really easy. The 12" has the easiest install for those things.

There was also someone who was confused about AppleCare. Your Mac has a 1 year manufacturer warranty from the estimated date of purchase. It covers parts and labor not caused by misuse or neglect. After ninety days from purchase, though, there are no free calls to Apple. Then you buy AppleCare. ACare gives you the phone support and 3 extra years of that limited warranty. The 1 year warranty is not called AppleCare.

rfenik should have called Apple and spoken with them reasonably to see if they would fix his machine under warranty. They are tough about abuse, but not unforgiving.

Jan 25, 2004, 12:09 PM

Can I get some contact infor for "DCI Parts" - a google search did nothing for me.


Jan 26, 2004, 09:51 PM
i find it best not to overdose on LSD when trying to repair hi-tech electronics

Jan 27, 2004, 11:23 PM
Please post some information on DCI Parts. I have a 12" powerbook G4 and wine was spilled on the lcd, probably one of the most upsetting experiences of my life. There is absolutely no way i can afford the 1200 that apple is asking for. Again, please give some DCI info. Thank you.


Apr 14, 2004, 07:31 PM
Does anyone have information on DCI Parts? i need to replace my cracked LCD. I bought on on ebay that I thought was right but it turned out to be a samsung that Didn't work. The model i need ot replace is an LG/Phillips lp121x04 (c2). Are there any other models that will work? how about the LP121x04 (b2)?

Apr 21, 2004, 03:13 PM
Try contacting http://www.247laptoplcd.com

Apr 25, 2004, 12:20 AM
The LP121X04 B2 doesnt work that Bliss computers http://www.247laptoplcd.com/ sent me when I ordered the C2 - Im still Looking if anyone has any ideas

Apr 25, 2004, 12:46 AM
Sorry for the delay in a response (should have emailed me directly!) I know how heartbreaking it is to destroy the display of such a beautiful and perfectly designed computer ... You've been looking for one since the 15th? You must be feeling absolutely miserable.

I originally tried a B2 and it didn't work for me either. The plug and display fits in exactly like it should work but no picture shows up. After installing the C2 into the display i've experienced no problems at all.

To uninstall your old one you remove the little screws from the bottom of the front of the display (you need to get a alan wrench and bend it so it fits in there), separate the alluminum border from the plastic edges, unscrew both sides of the LCD panel with a phillips screwdriver, slide off the little clips that hold it in place, unplug the power and video plugs, and remove it. To install the new one you just do the same thing backwards. Be careful with that long wire going around the rim of the display, it's your Airport Extreme antenna and gets in the way a bit (not really). Other than that it's easy. Took me 5 minutes. When you boot up and see the grey apple shining from the LCD you'll be the happiest person in the world.

I got a LP121X04(C2) from Chris Maciekowicz at http://www.dci-corp.com/ and his email is cmacieko@dci-corp.com

He offered me an excellent deal (compared to the $1200 that apple wanted for one!) and shipping was very quick. He responded to all my emails and was very good to do business with. The display was packed very securely, had ZERO dead pixels, and was in perfect condition. Highly recommend.


Apr 25, 2004, 01:25 AM
So you broke your screen, might as well enjoy whats left of it, right? It's actually some amazing technology inside of there and I strongly recommend that you open it up and take a look. You'll gain more of an understanding about it works.

While you have your powerbook opened up one of the neat things you can do is color your apple. Mine is green now, and is colored on the inside. The white apple is a diffuser panel that's made of the same material as the diffuser in the layer above the backlight in the LCD display and is really receptive to ink. Take the pigment of your choice and color the inside, looks pretty sweet. If you wanted to, you could use an inkjet to actually print something on there (what i SHOULD have done) .

Also, if you take apart the LCD panel it looks pretty cool. The TFT Active matrix LCD panel in the 12" powerbooks is made of a backlight, diffuser panel, thin film transistor, two layers of polarized glass set at perpendicular angles with liquid crystal in between the layers (which forms a helix that allows light to pass through unless current is applied), a layer that's made of this tiny grid painted black (to give more contrast and to block inactive areas of the pixels), and a layer of RGB painted arrays to make the display in color.

Have you ever looked out the window with your powerbook in front of it with the brightness turned way down? You'll notice that you can see a perfect image of the display even without the backlight on. That's because the LCDs don't create light, they just block light that's transmitted by the backlight. There are thin film transistors and tiny capacitors in the LCD that temporarly holds little bits of voltage that is pulsed to the liquid crystal that tell the helix whether to bend or stay staight. The voltage can be adjusted which is why you can experience tones on your display.

Unfortunately, you can't really use your display outdoors except viewing through that little apple. However, if you remove your LCD from the frame and hold it up to the window (even with the brightness OFF) you can see a perfect picture (it's not 100% accurate with color tho, because the temperature of light is not as consistant and controlled as the flourescent backlamp). If I had money to piss away I'd buy another PowerBook and cut the back of the display out so it could be removed -for outdoor usage. It would be a much better solution than this (http://www.hoodmanusa.com/)

If you peel apart the layer with the two polarizing filters filled with liquid crystal (they are glued together) you can do neat things with the filter. Hold them at perpendicular angles and amazingly - they block ALL light. It's shockingly cool. If you hold one up to the window, you'll be able to see clear through the window without ANY glare but without it being darker like sunglasses do (it's polarized light!). Also, very cool.

The backlight is still useful even if your display is cracked. It gives a relaxing blueish tint. If you have access to a nice printer you can print on some transparent vinyl and install the backlight behind it and hook a battery up for a portable glowing display like you see on fast food menus.

Be careful when playing around with LCDs tho, they contain mercury.


Apr 25, 2004, 01:49 AM
Am I the only one that thinks its a bit funny that someone fell asleep with his computer?

I mean doesnt this sound like the man that smokes cigarettes in bed?

Whats next,?

"I took my Cinema Display into the shower with me and crap its soggy, anyone got any ideas?"

Am I in trouble again?

Apr 25, 2004, 08:07 AM
Hey it happens. Sometimes I push myself a little TOO hard...I think i was writing a paper or something for a class... It was a bitter cold winter day and the warm heat from the pb just knocked me out.

"hahahaha look at that truck driver! He fell asleep at the wheel and ran a church bus off the road and off that bridge...." ... you wouldn't laugh at that would you Grok? Hats off to Apple for making a very comfortable computer.

I'd like to point out all the 'other' dumbasses that broke thier screens too. Do a quick ebay for 'cracked lcd'.

Apr 17, 2006, 03:05 PM
I don't know why I was so dumb, but I tried to clean the LCD with WindEx yesterday when it got too wet. The screen now has a big whitish mark and I think it's screwed. It's just been out of warranty and even if it's not, I doubt Apple would take care of it. I don't blame them, it's all my fault.

It's an iBook 1.33GHz and the LCD is LP121X04 C2. I almost jumped on a B2 taken out of a Dell C400 on ebay. Thanks to those who reported that B2 doesn't work, I just saved some trouble. A used C2 on ebay costs about $170 including shipping. I can't complain. But being a poor student, I am wondering if you guys can suggest any cheaper alternatives?

Really appreciate.