View Full Version : Small network setup advice?

Apr 15, 2008, 02:49 PM
I'm a video editor, not a networking guy, so I need some (probably very basic) advice... Here's our situation:

Small video department within a large company. Two FCP editors, one guy using Adobe Premier on a Win XP machine. IT dept. has never successfully figured out how to reliably provide access to a server on the LAN to us Mac guys (we have internet access, usually, but not reliably to a network drive).

Now that Apple has released FCP Server, we'd love to be able to use it to provide management and access for all of us to a shared library of video & sound files. We'd like to have our own little LAN (just the Video Dept.) to do this. What should we spec. out?

OS X Leopard, or Leopard Server?
MacPro as the server or XServe?
If we use a MacPro, could this machine also serve as a sometimes workstation? -- for digitizing, so we don't have to have numerous VTRs on each of our desktops, and maybe running Logic Pro to record voice-overs in our announce booth (which is next to our old VTR racks)?

Thanks for any insights!