View Full Version : Powerbook g4 17 random shutdown?! Heat? Something else?

Apr 18, 2008, 11:21 AM
Hello all!

I am looking at a powerbook G4 17 inch that seems to shutdown after some usage. It could be quickly (5min) it could be 15 min maybe longer. This seems to smack of a heat issue. I believe the ram and hard drive have already been replaced and it still shuts down.

Has anyone else experienced this? If it is a head issue what kind of pertinent damage am i looking at?

Here is the cap to this situation, i'm considering buying the computer... (sorry if this should be posted elsewhere its my first post) Sounds like a bad idea but its being sold for 300$ and if it comes down to it i can sell parts to make it back.

Its a Powerbook G7 17 inch 120gig drive and 1gig of ram.

Any help would be appreciated! Im bringing my thumb drive to look at it on Saturday so i can take a few diagnostic programs if you recommend.

Thanks everyone, best to you all!