View Full Version : Cheaper/Better NAS solution for ATV?

Apr 21, 2008, 11:37 PM
Hey all, I am considering purchasing an :apple: tv. My only mac is a MBP2.2 C2D with a 120gb drive. I want to have all my movies on a drive and NOT on my MBP drive. IS there a better/cheaper option than a time capsule? I have an airport express (will be upgrading that to the new 'n' version soon)


Apr 22, 2008, 07:15 AM
I'm in a similar position. I have an iMac and am considering replacing my Windows HTPC with a Mac Mini and want one copy of my music/videos/pictures etc rather than multiples floating around.

One device that seems to fit my needs is the LaCie Gigabit NAS. There are several Ethernet-capable HDD's out there but this one has the best overall customer reviews and has a USB socket for attaching a second drive to add to the storage. I was considering a 320GB drive for the NAS and a second similar external drive for Time Machine back-up.

On UK sites I've seen the 320GB version for around 115 and the 500GB version for 135. The 500GB drive would make more sense financially and could be partitioned in two but then if the drive should die you lose the original and the back-up.

Hope this helps :)