View Full Version : How to diagnose wireless issues with AEBS+TC+iBook?

Apr 22, 2008, 03:18 AM
Here's the scoop. I have FIOS coming in via the Verizon provided Aciontec router, its wireless is turned off and it's connected to a pre-gigabit Airport Extreme 802.11n.

That, in turn, is connected wirelessly to a 500 GB Time Capsule which is connected via Cat 5 to my :apple:TV and iMac.

At that level, everything works great. The iMac gets great bandwidth and the :apple:TV works much better compared to when I had it trying to connect on its own or using the Airport Express.

So now the problem. I can't stream content from abc.com to the iBook, so I checked it via the 2wire bandwidth meter and see it's typically dial-up level speeds ~112 kbps. Back on the iMac I've got 11 Mbps. If I force the iBook to associate with the Airport Extreme, I've got > 2 Mbps, but as soon as it connects to the TC, which is more typical. I've got craptastic speeds.

What can I look for? Is there any hope! Help!