View Full Version : G4 12inch titanium Powerbook

May 9, 2008, 03:18 PM
My G4 12 inch Powerbook is long in the tooth but can still do most things I ask of it. I installed Leapard and it works fine for the most part but I am finding it harder to run some applications such as citrix remote desktop etc.

After 4 years, its still my favorite notebook design and the best looking notebook around. Its mobile at 12 inches but still has a pretty decent screen. The keys are comfortable to use, its sturdy and it has a much better internal speaker than the new notebooks.

I like the notebook so much in fact that I would prefer to try and upgrade it rather than buy a new mac book. I would live to see a cd2 processor in there and room for an extra half gig of ram.

I think its possible if you strip out the guys of a Mac Mini, you should be able to piece together a system that will fit in the small box. The only drawbacks seem to be linking the video to the monitor and connecting the power supply.

Has anyone ever tried this?