View Full Version : Good Mic Recommendation?

May 9, 2008, 11:32 PM
Could someone recommend me a good microphone for recording vocals that doesn't cost too much? I've been using a really cheap USB-based microphone (that Logic can't seem to detect anyway), so I'm thinking of buying a decent microphone and Griffin's XLR-to-1/8" cable (unless you have any suggestions for a better setup that isn't too fancy and works with Logic).

Thanks much!

May 10, 2008, 06:10 AM
Get USB mic to work

1. Open Audio/MIDI Setup in your utilities folder.
2. From the audio menu, open the Aggregate Device Editor.
3. Add your options by pressing the '+' sign. For example, add your mic, then add built-in audio.
4. Once you've completed this, close Audio/MIDI setup, and open Logic.
5. In Logic preferences go to Audio -> Drivers. In the driver popup menu, select the new Aggregate Device you just created.

If not... :confused:

I'd personally get a firewire interface, like the M-Audio Firewire Solo
that gives you one xlr input with phantom power (that powers condenser mics)
and one 1/4" input, with headphone out for $164

Then a nice condenser microphone for vocal duties; Audio-Technica AT2020 @ $100