View Full Version : Connecting Windows Application to remote Mac Leopard Share

May 15, 2008, 09:25 PM

I have a program that will copy files from my Mac Leopard Music folder wireless to the XP Music folder. It will sync the files.

The application I believe was designed for windows-windows networking and I'm hoping I can make it work for windows-leopard.

The application has the following fields:

Remote Media Shares:
I currently have this set to "\\\macbook". This is the IP address my macbook gives me and the short name.

Local Media Path:
I have this set to the xp folder

Network Username:
I have this set to "pc" which is the account I created under "Users" in the sharing tab of Leopard's preferences pane. I gave "pc" read & write access and a password. I have my music folder on Leopard added under the "shared folders" section of the sharing pane.

Network User Password:
I have this set to the password I gave "pc" under network username above.

Network User Domain:
Not sure what to put here?? I tried "WORKGROUP" I also tried "home".

Finally, under Leopards sharing pane I have "file sharing" checked off .

Am I doing anything wrong... do I need to do anything else? Is it just not possible you think?

Thanks in advance!

May 19, 2008, 06:34 PM
the only time you typically use a domain is in business type environments. You have to have a server to create a domain. If you are not connected to a domain, I would just try leaving that place blank and see if that works. You do have to enable fire sharing in order for the other computer to access the music folder. I would turn that one and leave the other field blank. Let us know what happens.