View Full Version : What is happenin!!

Jun 1, 2008, 01:53 PM
Hi everyone... I woke up this morning for watching a downloaded movie onto the tv from my ipod n it doesnt seem to work anymore!! What happened!!

For being more exactly I got a Classic with the 1.1.2 firmware and I already have the AV Composite Cable (the correct one, even i have used that thing in the past) but is not working anymore. at the screen appear the message connect the video cord! like if i was trying to connect the old cord.

But i dont know if its the cord, cause my sis has an ipod video (not classic) and it works fine there and my classic works fine too!! unfortunately i dont have another classic for a test.

Is anyone having this issue too? How do you fix it? I really apreacciate any answer See ya!