View Full Version : FS: "Priced to sell" SALE

Jun 7, 2008, 12:06 PM
-Sealed size Medium Mac OSX Leopard release shirt $20 shipped\

-Worn once black size Medium iPod nano employee shirt "1000 songs impossibly small" on back and apple logo on sleeve $15 shipped

-Sealed orange apple store for education pen, slight cracks at the top $3 shipped

-Clear 1st gen iPod shuffle case/skin $2 shipped

-3rd gen iPod dock $9 shipped

Jun 7, 2008, 12:10 PM
-60gb iPod photo contour showcase premium hardshell protection case $7 shipped

-20gb 4th gen blue iskin evo2 case $7 shipped

-3 empty starbucks itunes promo gift cards $1.50 shipped for all

-Vintage apple stickers $10 shipped

Eric Lewis
Jun 7, 2008, 12:12 PM
starbucks> how much

Jun 7, 2008, 12:13 PM
starbucks> how much

they are empty

Jun 7, 2008, 12:59 PM
iPod earbuds sold...and shipped.

Jun 7, 2008, 01:04 PM
I'll take the 2 scion keychains. Sending PM.

Jun 7, 2008, 01:48 PM
I'll take the 2 scion keychains. Sending PM.

Scion keychains sold...and shipped.

Jul 3, 2008, 05:35 PM
Everything pictured is still available. I'd like to move these before the 15th.