View Full Version : Automator, Applescript, and Variables

Jun 11, 2008, 10:48 AM
I am creating an automator action to make my own custom telnet launcher. A session is launched by using the code below.

tell application "Terminal"
do script with command "telnet MC-5M-3750"
set number of rows of window 1 to 50
set number of columns of window 1 to 100
set custom title of window 1 to "MC-5M-3750"
end tell

Instead of having a separate automator app for each switch, I would like to put a variable in that spot that is set earlier in the automator workflow. Right now the work flow is.

Ask for Text --> Set Value of Variable (named "target") --> Run AppleScript

Anyone have ideas or solutions? I am new at using Applescript and this is where I'm stuck.