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Jun 13, 2008, 01:47 PM

I have searched everywhere in the help menus and through the forum and am getting no where. I have a Mac Pro that I use as a mother ship for my entire library. There is a 1TB drive with appx. 850 gigs of music in MP3 VBR on the Mac Pro. I duped the drive to an external WD 7200rpm 1 TB drive. Now I am trying to import the music files, obviously, without the music, to my Itunes folder on the MBP. It is a 2007 MBP, 2.2 w/4gigs of RAM and I am using Traktor 3 and DJ1800 as the programs for the music (I run a mobile DJ service). I have 4 of these computers as we are making the entire jump to digital from CD this summer.

Itunes is an incredible organizing foundation for both of these programs. BUT, with a library this big (115,000 songs), I cannot figure out how to import it! When I plug in the external HD, it shows up on the desktop, I can open it and see all of the files (Artists). When I click on a specific song, it will open Itunes and play it fine....HOWEVER, when I swithced in preferences to this drive as my Itunes drive and had it "Keep files organized" it doesn't load any of the music. When I go to Import music, I have to click all the way down to the single song (I can't choose files of artists.) When I tried "adding to library" it worked, but I did it from 9pm last night til 7am this morning and only 8,000 of the songs...in 10 hours! Ugh...I have a wedding tomorrow and trying to figure out the best way to get those music tags and titles in the Itunes list....does anyone have any suggestions? Or am I best off inside of Traktor just going track by track from the external?

Looking for anyone with monster libraries....OR, you used all WAV, which I have on one drive and only 20,000 songs....would this work better? I am terribly confused!

I do have CDs to back up so I will have show, but I want ITunes to manage my music.

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Jun 13, 2008, 03:00 PM
Is the only way for me to add the library...

To click File, Add To library, and let it go? Looks like it may take about 130-135 hours to do this, which is fine, as long as it's OK for the computer and the hard drive to run that long....and whether or not that is the most efficient way.