View Full Version : Wanted; 4 or 8GB iPhone

Jun 18, 2008, 03:43 PM
I think now is the perfect time to pick one of these up for my mom. I bet lots of you want to pick up the new 3g iPhone, so pass your old phone onto me :)

I don't want an unlocked phone. I don't care if its jailbroken or not because it takes 2 seconds and its free.

I will not pay more then $200 because I have plenty of lines to upgrade and the extra $10 a month is not a deterrent. If I'm going to pay full price, might as well get the current model!

I'd do $150 max for 8gb and $100 max for a 4gb. Let me know. I can pay through PayPal without any fees (you get the full amount) and I'm located in Seattle.