View Full Version : fortran help?

Dec 13, 2003, 06:42 PM
I took this fortran code (I was created in Linux) and I try to compile it in a iBook running jaguar.. but everthing was working O.K. with the make but almost at the end of the make this error showed:

can someone help me.... thanks

\f77 -c -O bch.f
f77 -c -O fillxx.f
f77 -c -O pois.f
f77 -c -O shear.f
f77 -c -O tridag.f
f77 -c -O bcs.f
f77 -c -O fillyy.f
f77 -c -O pres.f
f77 -c -O ucnew.f
f77 -c -O utilde.f
f77 -c -O bernoulli.f
f77 -c -O integral.f
f77 -c -O pwrite.f
f77 -c -O unew.f
f77 -c -O bct.f
f77 -c -O bu.f
f77 -c -O mesh.f
f77 -c -O bound.f
f77 -c -O divchk.f
f77 -c -O busup.f
f77 -c -O mesho.f
f77 -c -O setgeo.f
f77 -c -O surfup.f
f77 -c -O metric.f
f77 -c -O setvel.f
f77 -c -O test.f
f77 -c -O setinterpol.f
f77 -c -O stress.f
f77 -c -O nstress.f
f77 -c -O nstressh.f
f77 -c -O tiempo.f
f77 -c -O cosdir.f
f77 -c -O setzero.f
f77 -c -O interpolate.f
f77 -c -O setbody.f
f77 -c -O setposition.f
f77 bch.o fillxx.o pois.o shear.o tridag.o bcs.o fillyy.o pres.o ucnew.o utilde.o bernoulli.o integral.o pwrite.o unew.o bct.o bu.o mesh.o bound.o divchk.o busup.o mesho.o setgeo.o surfup.o metric.o setvel.o test.o setinterpol.o stress.o nstress.o nstressh.o tiempo.o cosdir.o setzero.o interpolate.o setbody.o setposition.o -o cavity
/usr/bin/ld: can't locate file for: -lg2c
make: *** [cavity] Error 1