View Full Version : Standalone File Sharing/AFP 10.4 Server problems

Jul 17, 2008, 05:14 PM

New here, and new to Mac's in general. I have a 10.4 Tiger unlimited client server that I am trying to setup for a single classroom offsite of our school. I cannot use any Directory Access services due to an already mixed Apple/Windows domain environment, and a very strict IT department over there.

So i'm setting everything up as a standalone server so the students can hit GO, CONNECT and connect that way. I have AFP enabled using standard authentication and have created a few users in Workgroup Mananger.

For example, we'll go with:


I am using two user groups:


I have a 2TB external sata RAID 5 array, simply called /volumes/RAID attached to the server and want this to be the primary drive that holds all of the user's files & shared items.

I shared this using Workgroup Manager and created two share points:


I want to create each student a folder under the students share (e.g./volumes/raid/students/student1) that only allows them and the admin to have access. I manually set up the folders, as creating the home directory creates the structures that look to be used when using OD/Authentication, and I want it as simple as possible. This way when the user logs in, they see only two volumes for mount... there own folder, and the shared folder.

From there, I edited the ACL's for student1's folder to allow Admin full control and the student1 account Read/Write. On the old POSIX menu on top of the ACL page, I set Everyone to NONE.

I thought ACL's would take priority over POSIX, but that doesn't seem to be the case. The student1 account now can't connect to their own folder! Should I have instead set Group: Students to NONE?

Am I doing something backwards here? Please help :(

Sorry for the long post...