View Full Version : Doing an recordName system

Jul 18, 2008, 05:16 AM
Currently, I am trying to do a RecordName system, used for recording names and check the number of males and females using my application.

I will have a button for user to touch, and upon touched, it will trigger a function.
The function will send the name of the user by getting it using UIDevice class.
It will send to a server, which will record the name in the system and send back a message to the user iPhone informing him/her whether the name has been sent successfully, or the process had failed.

I am trying to figure how to go about doing it for about 4 days, and I have no answers...

I wanted to use HTTP protocol for it, but I have no idea how to send the iPhone personal information like the name to the server and get back the reply from it. Help will be greatly appreciated, I am stressed out because this. I also have totally no idea about HTTP protocol, kind of new to it, and thus using it proves more to be a problem, but I have no choice.

Is there anyone out there doing similar applications? I have been looking in sample codes but they doesn't seems to help...

Oh yea, the server is still not ready yet...