View Full Version : Yet another "error 1600" scenario. Tried many solutions. Any Suggestions?

Jul 24, 2008, 09:47 PM
Hi Guys.

I've restored a couple of iphones to 2.0 with success - thanks to the dev team and the advice of the people on the forums here.

But now I'm having trouble with two iphones, starting with the "unknown error (1600)" message given by iTunes 7.7 on my mac.

I tried a bunch of things:
Removing the cache in Device Support, and rebooting.
The error persisted.

Installing the official firmware, then downgrading to 1.1.4, going to DFU and then attempting to restore the custom firmware again.

I thought that there might have been something wrong with my custom firmware, so I recreated it. Still, the error persists.

Any further suggestions?