View Full Version : Ultimate Home Multimedia Network

Aug 13, 2008, 07:23 AM
Wasnt sure which category to place this in.

I've been thinking lately how itunes, apple tv and airtunes express could build a great home media network.

Currently in my home I have an older pc which runs itunes with my whole music collection and hundreds of ripped dvds which are stored on a NAS device.

Connected to three tv's i have apple tvs which playback movies and tv shows.

I also have four airport express which coupled with the apple tv is used for airtunes. I am able to stream music around my home. The remote feature for ipod now makes this a truly great system for home multimedia playback. movies and audio.

the only problem though is that itunes can only play one stream to mutiple speakers at a time and not different music to different speakers. If this problem could be resolved, does anyone else thinkt that this could be a great system?