View Full Version : G5 X1900XT PC card flashing and G4/5 use

Aug 14, 2008, 10:32 AM

I want to try flashing an PC X1900GT/XT and using it in a G4 MDD and/or G4 DA with a Quicksilver board (with AGP 4x modification) and/or in an AGP G5. Obviously itīs an PCIe card for the G5, however, I want to flash an AGP card with the PCIe BIOS, but I canīt find an BIOS image of the X1900GT/XT G5 card.

Has someone already tried this or could someone be so kind and read/dump and provide the X1900XT G5 BIOS or send me an PM, please?

It should be possible to do so with the "Graphiccelerator" which can be found here:
I need the dumped BIOS image and the txt file.

Thanks for the help and information you may provide!