View Full Version : "not exactly" VNC problems

Aug 15, 2008, 12:25 AM
I'm "attempting" to use teleport on my iphone to my macbook, but I keep getting this error:


Official response from Jugaari was:

This happens when you have an old copy of Vine Server running on your server. Either turn off Vine Server, or upgrade it to the latest version.

Jugaari Support

This did not help. Same issue. I have screen sharing turned on in my sharing options on the macbook, I have my VNC Vine Server app turned off and the server stopped. I have attempted to go into my airport utility and map port 5900 and still no luck.

I use Mocha, VNsea, Touchpad Pro, and a plethora of other VNC apps with no issues, but for some reason this one will not allow me to connect.

I have tried every suggestion on their site: http://www.jugaari.com/teleport

Nothing seems to work. Anyone else with this issue or a fix?