View Full Version : Ipod Video 80Gb Battery Issues

Sep 3, 2008, 04:03 PM

My Ipod battery recently died. It would charge for ever and never go to "Charged". Whenever I unplugged it form charging it would die instantly. Anyway, it was well out of warranty and I didn't want to spend much money on it as I'm probably getting a new one on 9th Sept anyway, so I bought a replacement battery kit.

The battery is now replace and the ipod works fine (used it to and from work today). The problem is that it still charges forever and when I unplug it, it's only ever a 3rd full and then fluctuates between red and green depending on what I'm using it for.

Is this just a problem with the battery meter not being calibrated, or is the battery crap? Is there any way to recalibrate the battery? I have already reset the ipod to factory settings.

Thanks for the help,


Sep 5, 2008, 02:19 AM
Anyone have any ideas?

Sep 5, 2008, 12:39 PM
try a restore if possible. But I am not 100% sure if it will help.