View Full Version : Newbie Q: Yamaha P70 - MacBook Pro

Sep 13, 2008, 01:17 AM
Hello, I'm totally new to midi and recently upgraded to a new Macbook Pro.
I'd like to hook up my keyboard (Yamaha P70) to my laptop to mess around in Garage Band although I've read of some problems people have had on these forums.

A salesperson from a local music shop has reccommended that I get a Ediro UM-1EX (http://www.edirol.net/products/en/UM-1EX/) but I've read that some people have had issues with the P70 and Garageband.

I found this comment in another thread....

"The interface works fine. It`s really plug and play. The included software is really easy to install. In one minute you are connected.
I had a problem with my Yamaha P70 digital piano and Garageband. Garageband recognized wrong notes while I was pl... Read more >ayng. I solved the problem setting my Yamaha p70 in that way: dual voces at the same time (grand piano 1 and 2) and both +0 octaves, so the two voices are perfectly overlapped.
With this setting, Garageband is working fine, and recognize correclty the notes.
Be aware that this product may not work properly with your Yamaha keyboard. "

although I have no idea what that means and it was from 2006.

My question is "If I buy the Edirol USB interface will I have any problems hooking this up to Garageband and the P70?