View Full Version : Dashcode Widget and iWeb RSS problem.

Sep 21, 2008, 12:24 PM
Hello everyone, first post and it's a question, typical I know.

I am currently making an RSS widget in dashcode for my website that has been created in iWeb and published to my mobile me account.

I have entered the feed into my widget's properties and the widget picks up the feed perfectly fine as well, however when I click on a link that links to one of my pages the address the widget opens is completely different to the one that the safari RSS reader uses.

I guess this is because of my feed URL but I don't know how to stop it doing this. I have tried changing the RSS feed URL but this just says the feed cannot be read.

Heres the feed: http://web.me.com/naughtyottsel1/Naughty_Ottsel_Programs/HOme/rss.xml

If you click on the new windows application page in safari you will go to the right link.

In the widget you are sent to:


Note: I am not trying to advertise my site.