View Full Version : Failed to load Dynamic list in Dashcode

Sep 24, 2008, 04:01 AM
I have just install the newest version of Dashcode (2.0.1) and developing a dashboard widget.

I have added a list from the parts library and using the inspector to configure it. However, I set an array list as the source and it doesn't show up when I run it, even I choose the localized strings as the source, it remains hidden.

I have tried to use list.reloadData(), list.setDataSource(localizedStrings) as the documents said but it returns undefined.

Here is the innerHTML of the list
"<li id=\"listRowTemplate\" apple-template=\"true\" class=\"listRowTemplate_template\" style=\"visibility: hidden; display: none; \">
<div id=\"label\" apple-part=\"com.apple.Dashcode.part.text\" class=\"apple-text apple-no-children label_template\" apple-text-overflow=\"ellipsis\">Item</div>