View Full Version : usb drum kit to g-band or any other software?

Sep 24, 2008, 03:57 PM
hi there im trying to setup my garbage usb drum kit (iON iED05) to my macbook pro but im not quite sure how and if it can be done. tried fooling around with it myself but im very very very new to the mac OS (had my mbook for like a week so far) and i cant figure it out. also if its possible for me to get other midi software. i just wanna jam!

Oct 6, 2008, 03:14 AM
Hi, been looking at these and i don't think this kit will work with a mac.

It isn't actually a midi drum kit, it's windont software just pretends to be midi.

If you CAN get it to work - i will buy one in a flash as its the cheapest by half.
But I fear it won't.

Even if it is - i don't think garageband (unlike say Reason) lets you assign midi keys so you wouldn't be able to swap pads etc.

I have an excellent Axiom 25 keyboard with 8 touch sensitive finger pads that i use to input basic drum patterns, If i had 500 there are proper midi kits out there, but the Ion isn't one of them.

Hopefully they will make a mac-ready version (i have emailed them).

Good luck.

Sadly your only way to get it to work on the mac is boot camp and using MS 'sound recorder' to record your efforts to import into GB

A faff too far?

Oct 22, 2008, 07:19 PM
I found this site when looking for ways to connect a rock band kit to garage band, maybe this will help?

From memory, I think it acts more as a "gamepad" than a traditional midi controller, but might do the trick.